Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wet, bad light and terrible winds. Must be time for birding!

I decide to get to college an hour early to get some much needed birding done as I had not been out for a while, I chose today (02/10/12) to go brilliant choice (not). The weather was bloomin awful, the birds where hiding the only thing that kept me mildly happy was the massive flock of 24 magpie, if 1 is for sorrow and 2 is for joy what on earth is 24? Eventually the sun came out and the birds started to move around a bit more nothing special though just a small tit flock which comprised of, well tits. Oh and a Robin. However I noticed a bird of prey coming towards me I was delighted to watch a peregrine flying towards me and over me before disappearing behind some trees, only to return a few minutes later from the same directions it came from. Besides that terribly exciting moment the only other birds where; 1 kingfisher, 3 grey wagtails, 1 buzzard and a couple of ravens. All in all not terribly exciting but this is my first post on here. Ill try harder when the weather is nicer.

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