Monday, 22 October 2012

it's about taking a fall

it seems to have been a great day for Black Redstarts generally! one in Seaford (seen by yours truly), one at the Cuckmere (seen by my Dad), and a minimum of six at Seaford Head (per Matt Eade and Bob Self), who also reported a Merlin, and large numbers of Redwing and other Thrush species. There were a few more Black Redstart scattered around the sussex coast as well, but none in quite as high a concentration as the 8-9 in the local area.

Even this was small scale compared to the east coast though. A friend at Holme reported 10,000 Redwing, 5,000 Fieldfare, hundreds of Song Thrush and Blackbird, 300 Brambling 500 Robin and 5 Black Redstart. Spurn Bird Observatory had 20 Black Redstarts, 420 Robin, 57 Ring Ouzel, 1020 Blackbird, 9345 Fieldfare, 835 Song Thrush, 21,100 Redwing, 800 Goldcrest and 2675 Brambling! I'm hoping some of these will filter down over the coming days! 

I realise I'm not really posting my own sightings here, but when it's dark by the time you get home from school this is sometimes a bit difficult! Tomorrow I'm Rouzel hunting on Malling Down, so I'll post back with news of my dismal failure in good time! 

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