Thursday, 25 October 2012

Desert Wheatear!!!

What a day...

I heard about a possible Desert Wheatear in Worthing late last night. After much discussion on Brighton & Sussex Birders we decided it can only be a Desert Wheatear. I managed to get time of school to connect with it. I was greeted by a mass of about 20+ birders at Splash Point, by the rowing club, in Worthing. We had some very very close views, so close it landed on my foot briefly :D  I have attached some images of this amazing bird :D (sorry for messy layout of photos that's blogger ;) )


  1. 'get time off school'- sure you did! ;)

  2. Nice bird and some great pictures ..

    Re formatting, I find with blogger that you need to add the photo's in reverse order to how you want them positioned in the narrative .. then once you have "add selected" and the picture appears in your post layout frame, click on the picture and it will give you a menu bar which allows you to position the picture and add a caption.

    I am still stuck on getting out of "caption mode" back to normal text layout, so it may be worth adding the narrative and positioning before you add caption ?

    1. I will try that next time thanks :)

      + whats your name?