Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hooded Merganser

Looking forward to seeing the Hooded Merganser last Saturday I unfortunately was told I could not get over there as I had family comitments. Luckily and to my joy I finished early and was able to see the HOODED MERGANSER! As we first arrived things did not look hopefull as the bird hadent been seen for 3 Hours and the light was fading fast! I decided to walk further down the channel the bird flew down as this was as good a chance as any. Half way I heard the two other guys shouting "it's there, It's there!" I rushed back hoping the bird would still be in view! As I got back and got the scope out I was greeted to the HOODED MERGANSER! It's beautiful silhouette showed perfectly even at a distance however that was good enough for me! Cheers guys for letting me know! 

I should say there has only been 7 to my knowledge accepted records of Hooded Mergansers as most birds are popular in private collections and are often escapes if seen in the wild. As of yet the is nothing saying this bird won't be accepted. Many believe is may have been brought over by hurricane Sandy if it is a wild bird. Let's see how it roles on from here. If anyone else is intreasted the bird was seen again today (13th November 2012) at North Wall Pagham Harbour West Sussex. Feel as if I should give a shout out to Luke Dray who unfortunately put a lot of effort in trying to see 
  the bird but still hasent seen it! Althought he did get 1 Black Brant, 1 Water Pipit and a Curlew Sandpiper.

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