Saturday, 17 November 2012

Common Crane, Hooded Merganser, Black Brant and Gosport Ring-billed Gull

Although myself and my Grandad saw the COMMON CRANE and the HOODED MERGANSER just this week we decided to have a look at theses 2 smashing birds again today as we did not get the best of views last time. Started of at Amberly Wildbrooks RSPB where the COMMON CRANE was feeding away at quite a distance but never the less crystal clear views so very pleased! After 10 minuets of viewing the bird it took to flight gradually getting higher and higher over the Brooks. The bird headed towards Kithurst Hill and eventually drifted out of sight. As far as I know the bird still hasent been reported since.

Now of to see the HOODED MERGANSER yet again where the bird was on view straight away feeding in the channel. This bird is very confiding so it's well worth a look and comes quite close however this does not mean its a escaped bird as the other birds that have been sighted here in the UK have been accepted and they were also quite tame to my knowledge. Another nice suprize was seeing the BLACK BRANT amoungst the Brent Geese which stuck out like a swore thumb!

We then decided to take an over the border visit to Hampshire to see the Gosport RING-BILLED GULL which after around 10 minutes of searching we relocated the bird on the boating lake which gave views of 5 foot or so just like the Sabines Gull I saw in Brighton a couple of months back. The bird also came to bread and was a nice tick! A good days birding!

George Kinnard 

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