Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Common Crane Amberly Wildbrooks

We left at around 3:30pm to the COMMON CRANE at Amberly Wildbrooks today and arrived at 4:00pm on the dot. With the light fading at quite a speed I thought we were more likely to see the bird tomorrow. Waited around 20 minuets for the bird to appear which it didn't in that time so things did not look hopefull as the bird hadent been seen for half and hour anyway and it was just getting darker. On the way back we heard a commotion of Greylag Geese which were put in the air by the COMMON CRANE! Success! The unmistakable silhouette was showing well even in the gloom. The long stretched out neck being slightly drooped and could even just slightly make out the white stripe through the back of the head. 

George Kinnard

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