Monday, 17 December 2012

an update on Caspo

I mentioned in my last post that Caspo the friendly gull (as he shall now forever be known!), was ringed on the left leg. Well from Dave Coopers excellent photographs, it transpired that the ring number was PEAA, and now, they've discovered that the bird was ringed at Zwirownia Zakole, Jankowice, Babice, Poland. See John Coopers blog for information. This area is in the extreme south of poland, fairly near to the Slovakian border, and a few miles west of Krakow (map here). 

There do seem to be a lot of Caspo's around at the moment! I think there are at least two in the Newhaven area, three or four here (the two adults yesterday, a third winter, and possibly a separate adult found my Matt Eade and Bob Self), and lord knows how many at West Rise Marsh! A second-winter at Arlington in late November was yet another bird, so we're left with what I'd estimate are between 6-10 in the area! The reputation of Cuckmere, Newhaven and West Rise for gulls has been slowly growing, but this is still a remarkable concentration! it remains to be seen how long they will hang around with us for! 

In other news, senor Gearty twitched the Casps today. The first words from his mouth were; 'I still hate gulls'. Poor deluded boy! 

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