Sunday, 30 September 2012

Commotion amongst the corvids

First blog and a test run!
Huge amount of corvid activity this morning in the field behind our house. The noise was deafening. As I watched it became apparent that the cause of it was a pair of buzzards. they were eventually driven off and the corvids became quiet. The buzzards seem to be resident and bred this year in woods nearby. The juvenile buzzard has been very vocal the past few weeks. It has been sitting in various trees around the edge of the field and calling to its parents. As it has got braver it has ventured to different parts of the field but still stayed quite local. I have not heard it so much the past week so presume it is finally becoming more self sufficient and less dependant on th adult birds.

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  1. interestingly, the Seaford Gulls appear to be ignoring local Buzzards nowadays- which will be helpful when a Honey Buzzard/Red Kite/Osprey/Short-toed Eagle flies over the house! :-)